Twiggys party gig

September 8, 2010

Eurghh… only just about recovered from fantastic night , many many thanks to our hosts. Outdoor gig with great lightshow and enormous 12K PA. Miles too big really but gave a great sound on tick over. Well done the guys at PDS Peterborough for the sound and lights. We played 2 x 1 hour sets and were followed by Jackdaw a young 3 piece from Brighton – very talented bluesers.  No major cockups but my SG was playing up so I played my PRS throughout  – need to take my SG back to my tech Matt at Longfoot Guitars . Oh the lights went out for the last two numbers , think we melted something… those blistering riffs must have done it !  Nice to see my guitar teacher, mentor and friend Gizz Butt  there to support us as well as many other old friends. Worst track for me – Born under a bad sign, Best track – Red House

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