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Drummers and holes in the wall

September 21, 2013

Well looks like we’ve worn out another drummer. Sadly Dave has had to announce his retirement from the band due to work commitments. The pesky day job scenario bites again. We had to cancel a couple of gigs which was a great shame. We wish Dave all the best

The good news however is we will be playing this Friday the 27th September at the Hole in the Wall in Stamford with stand in drummer Mike Mles. We’ve played with Mike a couple of times before and really enjoyed it. Mike’s a pro and good fun so should be a great night. We’re joined also with Greg on Bass who will be doing his third ? gig with us.

The other good news is that Marc Daffern, who just happens to be Greg’s son is joining us as our new drummer , rehearsals have already started and we should be up to speed very quickly as Marc is an excellent drummer. Marc also plays with Black Hawk Down a superb hard rock originals band also from Stamford.

So lots going on , hope to see some of you at the Hole in the Wall