PA system thoughts…

March 27, 2010

Trying now to fathom out what we need for a PA system . Most of the stuff on the net about PA is either adverts for very basic packages which dont seem to include foldback systems or its so complicated I dont have a clue where to start.

thoughts so far are that we could do with getting the foldback system first – that would double up as a practice PA , how powerful that needs to be remains a mystery as I cant find anything remotely useful on that subject. Then we could get the main PA for when we start gigging. Probably go for a powered mixer amp that can drive both systems with individual graphic eq so we can tailor the fold back sound differently from the main plus it seems that feedback issues with the foldback seems to be the most challenging issue.

this seemed a good little site with lots of advice but precious little about foldback. Their PA calculator suggests that 500W is plenty but Phil our rhythm guitarist seems to think we need a lot more than that and has sent me a long list of stuff which has baffled me. ah well if anyones got any ideas let me know! Clive knows the guys at Peavey so maybe a trip out there may be an idea as well