Band Members

DSC_0969 Tim Coulton – Guitar

Tim Coulton, like all the Volcanos has been lying dormant for donkeys of years. He was in a punk band back in the 70’s but since then he’s been noodling on his own and doing all the stuff most of us do like bringing up kids and working. But determined get back to his rock and roll roots he formed the Blues Volcano in 2010 and has been its self elected leader and general tyrant ever since.

Ian Hopkins Vocals Ian Hopkins – Vocals

Ian was discovered through the School Mums circuit! Hes been crooning to friends and unsuspecting members of the public at parties and in Karaoke bars for years , but this is his first outing in a band. He’s got an amazing voice and its fantastic that we have tapped him into the band. Everytime he performs he just gets better and better. He’s also an entertaining frontman with a great sense of humour

943469_10151495632888655_1575801073_n Greg Daffern-Bass

Greg puts the bottom end (ooer, missus) into the Volcano sound. Despite his youthful trendiness he is the oldest of the Volcano crowd, having played his first professional gig way back in 1968.
Greg has a wide musical experience, playing everything from country & Western and strict tempo through to progressive and heavy rock. On moving to Stamford, he started the band Four Wheel Drive and was lead vocalist and bass player for Small Talk. He also played for 15 years as a solo lead guitarist and vocalist before splitting up as a result of musical differences.

400253_312969632084122_597740250_n Marc Daffern-Drums

Newest Volcano, Marc also plays for local heroes BlackHawkDown. Clearly the best looking Volcano so far, Marc lays down the solid rhythms and together with his dad (see above) forms the foundation of this gutsy group of rockers.

 Extinct Volcanos

Here’s some of the excellent folk that have been active volcanos in the past but sadly are no longer with us, some are extinct some just dormant who knows….
photo-4imageClive Morton Drums