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Blues Volcano re-ignites !

November 9, 2011

After a short period of dormancy the Volcanos are back in business. Two new members have joined – George Hakes on drums and Graham Dyer on Bass. We’re complete at last!  An all human band again, and about time.

Now I know I need to sort this blog out and get some Bios of the new guys and get some new pictures etc, but the music comes first so we’ll be busy practicing for our first gig with the new line up. Will keep you posted folks


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latest recordings

July 8, 2011

Some more music….

red house

2468 motorway



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Soon to be announced… coming to a village hall near you.  Its going to be tectonic. The Blues Volcano will be all over Rutland next year with their special mix of Blues ‘n Beer

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Bose L1 system

December 12, 2010

The more I read about this system the more I like it . Im planning to get 1 Bose L1 model 1 with a bass unit next week.We can expand on this later if need be. Suggest you have a read to understand the concept – its quite different from a traditional PA set up, whilst I doubt we will go entirely the way Bose suggest, the articles about  how it works are very interesting and informative. Ive also ascertained that they will work in the cellar with just one section plugged in.

The concept

Bose forum

Pear Tree Gig, Stamford

November 28, 2010

IMPORTANT -Dates have changed from friday 4th Feb 2010, to friday 11th March 2010

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Had a bit of a learning curve practice using Logic for the first time to record the band. I thought I was pretty organised having set up project beforehand with click tracks already loaded and ready to go for the songs. I had BPM counted the original tracks so that I was near enough creating click tracks to the exact tempo of the songs. When it came to it though our drummer Clive had great difficulty in hearing the click loud enough and also wanted different tones etc. Thats when it got tricky to sort out how to get the click louder in his headset without it being ridiculously louder in the PA. Anyway I couldnt figure it during the practice but afterwards I figured that the audio has stereo outputs 3 and 4 as well as 1 and 2 . So I have now put my mini mixer which has its own built in headphone pre ampinto the 3/4 output and bussed the click track into it. I can now split the signal so that a bit comes out the PA but most goes to the drummers headphones and I can turn it up until his head blows off!

I think also were going to need to do some experimentation into different clicks or loops to give a musical feel to the click track to help Clive along.

Gigs n that

November 10, 2010

Found a very useful list of Uk blues festivals

Some are quite small and we should consider contacting to get a gig. I also really fancy a gig at the Grainstore at Oakham check out the link to see videos of previous bands playing there , nothing there to outshine us particularly

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28th January – cracking pub should be a great night !

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Songs recorded on GarageBand

October 15, 2010

Have recorded crossroads in E. Now working on steamy windows. Starting to get the swing of GarageBand Looking at logic studio especially main stage. Which will allow us to process sound and work with backing tracks live. So can add keyboards, harp, brass string etc one day. Anyway plan is to record the songs to a click track and add any instruments parts as it seems fit to build up backing tracks so that when I’ve taken plunge on logic ( it s £500 :( ) we will be able to play with laptop on stage. They don’t drink much

Always a popular venue, were delighted to be invited back!

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