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The Volcanos will be performing yet another farewell gig this saturday at Castle Bytham festival, we’re the last band on at 9:30 so we will be playing until you beg us to stop. (that’ll be five minutes then -ed)

Seriously though, we’re going to be playing all the songs we know and loads we don’t. Dave the drummers philosophy is the more we practice the worse we get so I reckon this time were going to be brilliant! Come on down and enjoy the Volcanos final cataclysmic self-immolation.

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BB King dies at 89

May 15, 2015

Sad day as another of my heroes passes on. A legend of a guitar player who taught us all that less is more. Playing live right up to his death, what a guy.

Check out also ‘The Life of Riley” – compulsory viewing for all blues volcanologists

“The thrill has gone, the thrill has gone away for good….”

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May 15, 2015

Looking forward to playing at Baston Festival with Ian, Pete and Dave this Saturday. Were on at 5.00pm. Lots of great bands and stuff to do, see you there!



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There will be no Pears left on the Pear Tree after another searing bout of volcanic blues and rock at Stamford’s popular town centre bar. Come and toast your cheeks on our rosy glow. We’ll be giving away special PRIZES to the best dancers and air guitarists! So come and throw some shapes and strut your stuff.

Fun starts from 9:00 till way past bye byes

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Whiskey in the Jar

March 4, 2014

Just been working on a new song for St.Patricks Day at Peakirk Village Hall. Thin Lizzie’s signature lick on Whiskey in the Jar is trickier than it looks and it starts on the 4th beat of the bar,  just the sort of thing to catch me out. Anyway think I’ve ‘licked’ it. Practice with the guys to learn it , and the obligatory Wild Rover. coming up next week so looking forward to that. Starting to feel a bit Irish already

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Rocking it up at the Cherry Tree. Line up the same as last year. Looking forward to hearing Ian on Pete’s new PA.

Knowing Pete it’s going to be LOUD! Come on down and check us out. We will warm you up and cure those winter blues with some blues of our own.

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2014-01-11 12.35.20A strange brew indeed! Well done to Maz at The Fox and Hounds in North Luffenham where will be be playing this saturday for putting on this special brew. Were looking forward to supping a few pints ourselves. Apparently its lava-ly!

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Looking forward to rocking out with the local pheasants at Etton this Saturday. We’re in the marquee so plenty of room for you cocks to strut about in! Hen parties especially welcome, as ever! Plus we’ll be featuring our new drummer Marc Daffern, and of course the local hero and frontman Ian Hopkins on vocals.

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Drummers and holes in the wall

September 21, 2013

Well looks like we’ve worn out another drummer. Sadly Dave has had to announce his retirement from the band due to work commitments. The pesky day job scenario bites again. We had to cancel a couple of gigs which was a great shame. We wish Dave all the best

The good news however is we will be playing this Friday the 27th September at the Hole in the Wall in Stamford with stand in drummer Mike Mles. We’ve played with Mike a couple of times before and really enjoyed it. Mike’s a pro and good fun so should be a great night. We’re joined also with Greg on Bass who will be doing his third ? gig with us.

The other good news is that Marc Daffern, who just happens to be Greg’s son is joining us as our new drummer , rehearsals have already started and we should be up to speed very quickly as Marc is an excellent drummer. Marc also plays with Black Hawk Down a superb hard rock originals band also from Stamford.

So lots going on , hope to see some of you at the Hole in the Wall

Thanks to Simon and Debbie and all the folks that danced their legs off last saturday. A great audience and what a find the Chameleon in Grantham is. Designed for live music , thats not surprising when proprietor  Simon runs East Midlands Sound and Lighting as well. Food looked good too. Next time we play there everyones coming!!

Greg videoed the whole thing so we should be able to get some clips up soon.

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