Chris’s blues/soul band

January 22, 2010

Looking forward to monday night’s rehearsal at Great Oakley . Be interesting to see what the set list ends up like , needless to say Ill be after more of the blues /rock and less of the soul although some of the r’ n b stuff could work well

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Spent a pleasant evening at this very nice little pub. Not many there but people friendly and some nice singing especially one girl who did a nice rendition of something by Frank someone or other (I know , not very helpful , but you’ll know who you are if you read this)

I kept a low profile playing-wise dear readers as it wasnt a very bluesy crowd. Although there’s a blues outfit playing there this saturday so might mosey on down ..

Nick the landlord seems to be a bit of a muso and sport a Kurt Cobain haircut and I suspect hes also a biker judging by the decor , babes on bikes in the gents that kind of thing. I liked it a lot, great feel.

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next few practices

December 4, 2009

just thought Id jot down whats happening….Sunday will be at 5 with me , Chris depping for Richard, and Clive and Ted. Chris will be getting a lift from another guitarist so we might have a bit of a jam if we get time

Wednesday will be the usual lineup plus Nick on vocals. Nick cant do weekends so will just do weds for now.

Sunday after Chris is depping for Richard again. There will be no practice on the following wednesday

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new practice times

November 27, 2009

We are now doing weds eves 6-7.30 and sundays 5-7.30ish

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