Always a popular venue, were delighted to be invited back!

Tuesday 2nd November

October 15, 2010

Guys this is a tentative date for next practice – can you all either email me or better still leave a comment on the blog if you do it. Usual time.


Title: Volcanos erupt at Rutland Bird Fair 2011
Location: Egleton
Description: Twitchers the world over will be flocking to Rutlands premier bird event for white hot blues and rock
Date: 2011-18-21

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Title: August bank holiday gig at Little Bytham
Location: Little Bytham
Description: More Bytham madness – the volcanos will be erupting all over Lincolnshire premier village festival. Dont miss it!!
Date: 2011-08-25

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Title: Gig at Castle Bytham Fair
Location: Castle Bytham
Description: We’ve been asked to return to paly at the Castle Bytham vlllage fair , we had a great time this year so were really looking forward to rocking the place again and meeting up with our friends and fellow musos
Start Date: 2011-06-18
End Date: 2011-06-19

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Twiggys party gig

September 8, 2010

Eurghh… only just about recovered from fantastic night , many many thanks to our hosts. Outdoor gig with great lightshow and enormous 12K PA. Miles too big really but gave a great sound on tick over. Well done the guys at PDS Peterborough for the sound and lights. We played 2 x 1 hour sets and were followed by Jackdaw a young 3 piece from Brighton – very talented bluesers.  No major cockups but my SG was playing up so I played my PRS throughout  – need to take my SG back to my tech Matt at Longfoot Guitars . Oh the lights went out for the last two numbers , think we melted something… those blistering riffs must have done it !  Nice to see my guitar teacher, mentor and friend Gizz Butt  there to support us as well as many other old friends. Worst track for me – Born under a bad sign, Best track – Red House

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Ian our new singer’s  first gig – what a guy! Went down very well , nice crowd. Lots of nice girlies dancing to make feel like rock stars! Aided and abetted by Daryll who did our sound , many thanks again mate. Most songs went well but still lots of room for improvement especially endings. Worst song – Dust my broom, Best song – Johnny b goode.  Supported Recreation Ground Road again (last time was at the Pear Tree, who put in an excellent tight performance of their own material.  We now have enough songs for a full set of 2 hours so we can now and should gig on our own.

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Poster art

July 30, 2010

Katie has made us a great gig poster

Sure to be a collectors piece one day – see it in Wolfgangs Vault

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New lead singer!

July 30, 2010

Ive sacked myself because we have found a great new singer. Ian has a fantastic powerful soulful voice and that means were able to really motor on now. I can concentrate on the guitar stuff and the whole sound of the band should improve tremendously….

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Biggles coming in to strafe us

a selection of t shirts – check out Richard’s hat


Guitar solo whilst facing a Spitfire head on


Tim doing a sound check
Tim and Phil checking out the competition


Tim attacking the blues with a slice of Clive in the background


The chap came straight at me during Unchain my Heart and I felt utterly compelled to break into an impromptu guitar solo which of course caught all the guys unawares (but to their credit we all manage to come back together afterwards). If that wasnt enough on returning from our break we
had another low level flypast, this time by a Lancaster bomber. We then broke straight into Purple Haze which was perfect! Very Vietnam.

The Lancaster that was part of the show's pyrotechnics

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