Thanks to Simon and Debbie and all the folks that danced their legs off last saturday. A great audience and what a find the Chameleon in Grantham is. Designed for live music , thats not surprising when proprietor  Simon runs East Midlands Sound and Lighting as well. Food looked good too. Next time we play there everyones coming!!

Greg videoed the whole thing so we should be able to get some clips up soon.

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Hole in the wall

July 13, 2013

First outing at the aptly named Hole in the Wall (we’re sure to blow out another one!) on friday 27th September 2013 Looking forward to to it….
Start Time: 21:00

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Thats right you lava-ly people we are presenting our newly forged bass-meister Greg Daffern this friday at the Pear Tree Stamford. Look forward to seeing you all there. Lots of new songs too!

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Comings and goings

May 11, 2013

Our last gig with Pete Saunders went down storm at our first gig at the Crown in Peterborough. Great crowd! It was also marked by another turn out by Mike Miles replacing Dave Tubbs on drums. Dave been poorly but it was great to see him on the night as well and he did a couple of numbers with us.

So it’s bye Pete, thanks Mike and welcome back Dave and hallo to our new bass player Greg Daffern! More on Greg soon.

Alas the Glintonbury festival gig has been cancelled, never seemed to quite get off the ground. Leaves us rather short of a gig for June, so if anyone wants us let us know.

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volcanoEager lava-heads are looking forward to The Blues Volcano’s very first eruption
at The Crown on Lincoln Road, Peterborough. This friday at 9:00pm



<—- The aftermath of the last gig

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I’m taking lessons off Yardbirds fresh new guitarist Ben King. Ben impressed me with his tasty guitar playing and amazing knowledge of music theory. I’m looking forward to working with Ben to improve those chops and licks.

Check out Ben’s website.

At the moment he’s got me working hard on John Mayer and John Scofields version of Ray Charles’ “I dont need no doctor” Some nice jazzy chords. ¬†Great live performance on this youtube clip

2013-04-20 14.56.05Yeahhhh I gotta new Strat! After much research and soul searching I’ve finally got a proper bluesmans guitar. Only one guitar makes the sound a strat does and I cant believe I’ve never had one before.

I’m already in love. Now all I have to do is perfect Sultans of Swing. For the Strato-anoraks out there its a Deluxe which means its got the S1 switching giving you 10 different sounds and noiseless N3 pickups. The tremolo is simply to die for, lots of up and down action. I also love the slightly toasted “held-a-bit-too-close-to-the-caldera” look of the tobacco sunburst finish. Lava-ly!

579389_10150810093340998_699085997_9291399_1604933605_nYep, keen Volcanistas will know that Pete’s been the tectonic power behind our driving sound for a while now and we will all be sorry to see him go ….BUT

the GOOD news is he’s not leaving till June so Pete – fans will be able to see him ripping it up at the London Inn, Stamford on Friday 3rd May AND at The Crown, Glinton on Friday the 10th May too. Sure to be classic performances as Pete prepares to bow out and join forces with another local outfit….whose name defeats me.


UnknownPete’s replacement has been signed up already. Were working hard down in the Magma Chamber crafting a new bassist forged from the very gates of Hades itself!

We’ll be releasing his identity as soon as process has been completed.

So look out for us in June when we roll him out, freshly smelted and ready to rock!




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Sorry folks but we’ve had to cancel the gig this saturday at the Coach House, Market Deeping due to unforeseen circumstances. The good news is we’re playing this friday at the Pear Tree Stamford.

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